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Video Report: Does Apple’s History Bode Well For An iPod Touch Price Drop?

talkinghead tv
Daniel Eran Dilger
Part two of my interview with Talking Head TV, looking at the likelihood of an iPod touch price drop.

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  • http://lantinian.blogspot.com lantinian

    Lets not forget that the iPhone 3G is not 199$ all across the world. Its almost 800 or more in other countries, where Apple also sells the iPod Touch.
    So it would not make sense for Apple to sell a new iPod Touch for half the real price of the iPhone 3G.

    I also agree it would not go lower than $299

  • http://johnsessays.blogspot.com John Muir

    That interview is frustratingly unfinished. Isn’t there a podcast we can check out instead? Multiple YouTube videos is just as bad as those 10 page articles bad sites insist on to inflate their hits.

  • OlivierL

    The. Ipod. Touch. Can. NOT. Be. Cheaper. Than. The. iPhone.
    Why so many people are asking this question ?!

    Stop thinking locally ! Apple is a worldwide company and even if its primary market is the US, it sell a huge part of its devices abroad. The iPod Touch can not be cheaper than the iPhone because the iPhone is FREE. In UK, with the highest monthly tariffs, both the 8 and the 16GB version are FREE. So, Apple might lower its Touch prices but it will never ever try to go lower than the iPhone since the iPhone price is just an upfront fee, not an actual price.

    So, stop talking about subsidized phones and music players prices since this is not an apple to apple comparison (pun intended).