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Google planning new Chrome browser based on WebKit

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Prince McLean, Apple Insider
A Google blogger has published an illustrated document outlining Google Chrome, a new web browser project based on Apple’s WebKit open source rendering engine.

The blogger says Google mailed out a description of the new project’s features in the form of a 38-page comic book, illustrated by artist Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics and distributed under a Creative Commons license.

Google planning new Chrome browser based on WebKit
Google on Google Chrome comic book

  • tomtubbs

    Slide 37: “It’s in our interest to make the internet better and without competition we have stagnation, that’s why we’re open sourcing the whole thing. we need the internet to be a fair, smart, safe place.” You had it pretty spot on in a previous article (w.r.t. AIR, Silverlight, Flash, vs building openly). Some features from different browsers – Opera front page, Mozilla in parts, the idea of Javascript being pretty fundamental. The concept of making each tab separate sounds useful. Will Safari/Firefox/Opera have this? Gears is thrown in at the end, but no mention of what HTML 5 can do in this area.

  • Jesse

    The last couple articles have been missing the link to Apple Insider at the end.

  • LuisDias

    Yeah, Tomtubbs, I agree. Daniel was spot on with his AJAX analysis. Clearly, “open” is the way, because it is so much stronger than its competition. I’m very curious about Chrome. I wonder if it’s as good as it claims. Sure thing, it promises both in architecture and design!

  • LuisDias

    Did anyone else noticed the “Wouldn’t it be great…” line in the first page of the comic? It made me chuckle.

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