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Read RoughlyDrafted from iPhone

I’ve installed wptouch, an iPhone (and iPod touch) optimized template for WordPress from BraveNewCode that makes reading the site a bit more streamlined.

You can spin through recent articles, search by keywords, and add your own comments. I removed the Reddit tags as nobody submits articles there anyway, but feel free to promote my stuff as you see fit anyway.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • http://johnsessays.blogspot.com John Muir

    Streamlined all right.

  • nat

    What are the little number badges on each article for? I don’t have an iPod touch or iPhone myself.

    Do they represent the number of comments on the article?

  • buddy

    ugh….I clicked on the link at the bottom that reverts the iPhone optimized view to the regular view and now I don’t know how to get back to the iPhone view. Suggestion?

  • earth2kelly

    I like! Big improvement.

    Nat– Yes the number badges represents the # of comments.

  • KathyLee

    Wow, loads fast now! I made a webclip (or whatever it’s called when you save it to your home screen). You need to make a little icon for that though. I don’t recall how it was done – it’s so 1.0 :-) But it would help to have a nice icon on the home screen for RD!

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    I finally added a simple RD logo for a webclip – you’re not the first to ask for it!

  • RobC

    Cool, Instant RD.

    @ buddy – I did the same thing and even though I had saved the icon to my home screen, I couldn’t bring the optimized format back. Relaunching Safari, removing cookies and history don’t work. The only solution is to power off and restart your iPhone. Oh, and don’t touch that nasty “Normal View” link again.

  • nat

    Thanks earth2kelly. :D

    Pretty slick, Daniel.

  • mediter

    Great improvement!
    But the iPhone view appears to be missing right now!