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Tight supply of iPhone 3G leaves customers waiting for hours

Two weeks after it launched on July 11, the iPhone 3G is still hard to find in the US. Many Apple retail stores have no supplies at all, leaving buyers to track down the stores that do have remaining stock and wait in slow moving lines that stretched out for five hours.
The 3G iPhone Availability web page, run by Chris Barnes using updates from Apple’s retail store availability feed, indicates that less than half of the US Apple retail stores are currently reporting units in stock. Of 188 US stores, 51% had inventories of the white 16 GB model, 44% had some 8 GB units, and only 40% had the black 16 GB version.

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  • http://www.adviespraktijk.info Berend Schotanus

    How amazing America’s leading tech company has to learn a lesson in market economy! People waiting in line to buy underpriced products, that’s how it used to be in Moscow and East Berlin. Who would expect a queue in San Francisco, California for a product that can just be purchased at the counter in Moscow, Russia, when you are willing to pay the price?

  • http://www.adviespraktijk.info Berend Schotanus

    A week ago, after only 2,5 weeks of waiting, my 16 GB black iPhone arrived! I could order it online, it was delivered at my home and I could activate it on my own computer. No waiting in line for in store activation.
    I could purchase it as a renewal of my existing T-Mobile subscription for which I received a rebate on the price of the device. I paid 50 euros for my iPhone in combination with a € 30 two year monthly subscription fee which, I think, is absolutely reasonable.

    The device is beautiful. It works, it virtually does everything (except from shaving that is), even when it has flaws and teething problems that doesn’t take away the new world it is opening.

    Yes, I am happy with my new iPhone.