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Apple’s AirPort grabs 10.6% share of 802.11n WiFi market

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While Apple’s share of the entire US PC market hovers between 6% and 8% depending on the source, its share of the 802.11n WiFi base station market is even higher.

Stephen Baker, an analyst for market research firm NPD Group, told AppleInsider that Apple took 10.6% of the market in unit volume last month. He added that the company’s revenue and profit share on sales of the routers are even higher. Last year, Apple noted on its website that the AirPort Extreme was ranked by NPD as the top selling 802.11n router. While Apple no longer advertises that, Baker said that the AirPort Extreme has been the top selling 802.11n router for five of the last nine months.

Contiunues: Apple’s AirPort grabs 10.6% share of 802.11n WiFi market

  • lehenbauer

    I’ve had a lot of problems with an Airport Extreme N just stopping routing. You can ping the router from the Internet on its public IP, and you can ping it on the LAN, but it doesn’t route packets.

    …ended up reconfiguring it as an access point and using a Linksys as the router.

    It’s the most disappointing Apple product I’ve ever owned, and the Apple forums have hundreds, possibly even thousands of postings from other users who are having the same problems and/or lots of other problems.

  • ericdano

    Aren’t we going to call this the Obama/Apple Airport? Hmm?

  • nat


    You’ve really got something there. ObamApplePort, or maybe the AppleBama Station.

    Dan isn’t a politically-neutral automaton. Obviously you’ve got opinions too, so he has just as much a right expressing his as you do expressing yours.

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