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QuarkXPress 8 to target Adobe’s Creative Suite this August


Quark, Inc. is preparing to release a major new version of its flagship QuarkXPress software this fall, aimed at cementing its lead in the market for professional desktop publishing against Adobe’s rival InDesign product, AppleInsider has learned.

People familiar with the release say the new version is slated to take on the publishing features of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash in a revamped, standardized, and polished package that will temporarily be offered as a free upgrade to new buyers of the existing QuarkXPress 7 ahead of the 8.0 release in the August timeframe.

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  • beanie

    Prince wrote:
    “Quark, inc….aimed at cementing its lead in the market for professional desktop publishing against Adobe‚Äôs rival InDesign product”

    Quark looks more like it is dying than being the leader. Website only gets around 17,000 visits a day. Google searches for the keyword QuarkXpress has been steadily declining for years. There are probably more books and jobs for InDesign than QuarkXpress also.

    Quark, a single product company from the 1990’s, that is still around. So how come Microsoft or Adobe has not bought it out yet since it lools like it is dying?

  • JohnWatkins

    Yup, I thought the same thing.
    InDesign has become the choice of all the designers I know(unless they are really old school or stubborn) except for internal shops where the workflow became totally dependent on some Quark Xtension or something. Quark is still a pretty big deal inside some press houses.

  • http://blog.weaverling.org/ weave

    I have a bit of a related question and a blast from the past for some of you. In the very old days I used MacPaint and MacDraw. One did bitmaps, other did vectors. Then SuperPaint came out, which was great. I eventually ended up using Corel Draw — and then several years ago they stopped putting out versions for the Mac. Now I have Corel Draw X3 running in Parallels.

    Adobe CS software is insanely expensive. Is there a decent Mac equivalent of Corel Draw available? Sounds like Quark isn’t it either.

  • http://planetenpaultje.nl Planeten Paultje

    We used to use Quark at my school on some 80 machines. It was priced (educational) at E250 per machine and we still had to buy the Adobe stuff of course. You got a bunch of dongles, which were prone to getting stolen, so we built those into the machines themselves. Then we could get network dongles which would be attached to a dongle server. But we could only get serial numbers in batches of 10, so when we moved to a NetBoot environment we had 8 executables in the image, marked to be used with clusters of 10 clients. In the end we got a good working crack without the need for a dongle, and we used that for years. Until the matured version of Adobe Indesign came along and we dropped Quark in the blink of an eye.

    Still, I liked Quark better than Indesign (and all its precursors. Quark was always simpler and cleaner in the execution of its concepts, Indesign always had fuzzyness. I hope Quark can pull itself out of its own pit of lazyness and contempt for its customers. Competition is a good thing here.

  • http://johnsessays.blogspot.com John Muir
  • SonOfA

    @John Muir

    Wow, that is pretty clear. I knew Quark was on the decline but that’s a bit bit scary. Eeeesh!