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Exploring Time Capsule: theoretical speed vs practical throughput


Time Capsule, announced earlier this year, is a base station with an integrated hard drive and power supply. The previous segment of this series exploring Time Capsule in depth looked at the differences in members of the AirPort family. This segment, the second of six, compares the differences between the hypothetical maximum data transmission speed and typical real world performance of Time Capsule’s SATA, USB 2.0, Ethernet networking, and WiFi Wireless networking interfaces.
Continues: Exploring Time Capsule: theoretical speed vs practical throughput

March 28, 2008   1 Comment

CanSecWest and Swiss Federal Institute of Tech Deliver Attacks on the Reality of Mac Security

Daniel Eran Dilger
In back to back press releases with payloads of sensationalized misinformation, two apparently unrelated groups launched attacks on Mac OS X’s reputation for delivering better real world security for its users compared to Microsoft’s Windows. In the first, a contest held at the CanSecWest Applied Security Conference, sponsored in part by Microsoft, suggested that hacking a MacBook Air was faster than hacking a Sony or Fujitsu Windows PC laptop. Thousands of miles away, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology engaged in Vulnerability Numerology to declare that Apple’s operating system had fewer promptly patched software vulnerabilities compared to Windows. The premise behind both widely publicized stories are wrong, here’s why.

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March 28, 2008   99 Comments