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Podcast: Flash and Java on iPhone

Tech Night Owl podcast

Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl podcast invited me to join Bob LeVitus, Denis Motova, and Tim Goggin on his weekly show this week. I went off about Flash and Java on the iPhone and other iPhone SDK subjects, from the App Store and Apple’s mobile competitors to the mobile software market. You can hear for yourself and subscribe to the Tech Night Owl RSS feed at:

The Tech Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg

March 20, 2008 episode:


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  • PerGrenerfors

    I’m listening to the podcast right now. You make great points as always and I enjoyed the conversation.

    But jeez… I’m listening to this through my headphones and the sound is killing me. Will you please tell the guy to stop recording in his bathroom? And the commercials almost made me stop listening in the first place. He should read up on how to record properly.

  • PerGrenerfors


    Just before he starts talking about Parallells Desktop (about 45min50s) there are a few seconds or so of Radioheads “Like spinning plates” from Amnesiac. That’s one of the greatest albums ever and it felt cheap to hear that in this context.


  • http://benjamin-newton.com/ bhuot

    Apple could really help the problem of the Flash content by enabling SVG in the mobile version of Safari and by creating an IDE for SVG animation like the Flash IDE does for Flash. Many designers would switch over then. The problem is that there is no way to do many things without Flash without knowing Javascript.

  • http://olb.tumblr.com avocade

    bhuot: I expect you might be happy about what might perhaps hopefully arrive in the June update…