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Early adopter issues: MacBook Air, SuperDrive, Remote Disc and Install

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Daniel Eran Dilger
The MacBook Air ships with software tools that allow users to do without the external drive option for most purposes. Remote Disc, Remote Install, and related technologies that enable the Air to share a network host’s optical drive both for reading files, installing software, backing up data, and even booting over the network. Here’s a look at the Air’s SuperDrive and how well early adopters can expect Apple’s software to actually work as an alternative to carrying around a physical SuperDrive.

Next to the missing FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet, the MacBook Air’s missing optical drive presents the second largest issue for new adopters of the ultra-thin, lightweight laptop. Apart from Sony, which has a reputation for shoehorning impossibly thin optical drives into its ultra small VAIO laptops, most other ultra mobile laptops drop an internal optical drive to shave off volume, weight, and battery consumption. Like the MacBook Air, they supply a matching, external optical drive; the difference with the Air is that Apple suggests that its SuperDrive is entirely optional.

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  • http://www.marketingtactics.com davebarnes

    We have owned our AirBook since Wednesday (06FEB2008) evening.
    Since then, I have installed (using wired Ethernet (the USB to Ethernet adapter)) using Remote Disc:
    MS Office 2008
    Adobe Creative Suite 3

    My experience was:
    MS Office installed almost as fast as on my 2.8 GHz iMac.
    iWork was the same.
    CS3 took forever. But, then it did on my iMac.

    I have not use Remote Disc in wireless mode and no intention of doing so. I think that is just silly. Remote Disc works very well in wired mode as far as I can ascertain.

    The most painful part of the entire install process was downloading/installing Adobe updates. Took over an hour.

    I have no intention of buying an AirBook Super Drive as I just don’t see the need.

  • http://www.marketingtactics.com davebarnes

    Could I wish for improvements? Of course. 4 GB of memory. More is always better. A 160 GB hard drive. More is… But, overall, I think the AirBook is well designed and well suited to its niche as a secondary computer.

  • Player_16

    What about iPods. Can a iPod be mounted as a 2nd hard drive? How fast would that be? Sure USB2 is not as fast as Firewire and it’s another thingo to carry around in your pocket but plug it from one machine to another should save a little time and have room to move.