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MacBook Air unboxing: notes and high-quality photos

Daniel Eran Dilger
The MacBook Air just began shipping in limited quantities that quickly sold out of the retail stores that had any units available for purchase. All stores received a small number units for window dressing and hands-on display purposes, but only select stores received enough to have any extra available for sale. We snatched the final remaining unit at the store we visited, as Apple public relations representatives congratulated the first few buyers and took promotional photos.

We took some pictures of our own. Here’s a photographic look at the MacBook Air’s iPhone-inspired packaging, its thin aluminum shell reflecting the design of the new iMac keyboards, and its proportions and construction compared to its big brother, the existing MacBook Pro.

Continues: AppleInsider | MacBook Air unboxing: notes and high-quality photos

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1 christian { 02.03.08 at 8:22 am }

Hey Daniel, thanks for doing this blog. I follow your posts intently. You have some skill! Kudos.

I was wanting to know how security of the macbook air is done in the Applestore? Have all units been glued to the tabletop or …?
And do they have macbook Air’s that you can lift / actually hold in your hands – how are these units secured?

I work at reseller in northern europe, and we are intensely looking forward to receive our first shipment / demo units. But we still haven’t decided on security measures.

Somehow -glueing a metal plate to the bottom, just to be able to fasten a cable, seems like raping this beauty…

[Hi Christian – Thanks for the comments. The Apple Stores use a special USB security cable that goes off if unplugged. It has a pass through so that they can plug in another USB device. – Dan ]

2 GoDisplay { 02.03.08 at 1:59 pm }

Maybe my comment should be posted in the article “What’s Wrong with the MacBook Air,” but I have chosen to post it here instead… While Apple may have compromised some features with the MBA, this engineering is just a glimpse of things to come from Apple’s future laptops/notebooks. Once certain engineering barriers are broken, the technology will permeate into other products. Look for subsequent Macbook Pros to be thinner, have wedged/rounded edges and other features similar to the Air. No optical drive? Good riddance, perhaps – Works for me. Just like the original iMac dumped the floppy, optical’s days are numbered, when portability is at stake. The Air, if nothing else, is a pinnacle of what CAN be done – Not necessarily what SHOULD be done. With these initial feats, a new breed of laptops will emerge from Apple making last month’s crop of ALL laptops look like OldTech. I predict all Apples laptops will be strikingly different in the next 18 months.

3 elppa { 02.04.08 at 9:51 am }

Christian – Apple appear to be using a custom made security thingy which plugs into the solo USB port in the photos I have seen.

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