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San Francisco Examiner Throws Me On the Cover

Daniel Eran Dilger
While getting set up for Macworld Expo at Moscone Center on Monday, I found a couch to crash into while trying to recover from an ugly cold. An Examiner photographer taking pictures of the venue approached to ask if it would be okay to take pictures in the area I was sitting. Feeling about 60%, I said that would be fine, not realizing that I had agreed to what turned into a glamor photo shoot that continued for about ten minutes while I awkwardly tried to pretend to type.

After some Codeine-assisted sleep, I headed toward Macworld in a fog of muddle. AT&T’s DSL service was out across much of the City, the Muni turnstile choked on my change, and then I found myself pictured on the front page of the Examiner under the headline “What will be the Apple of his eye?”

Steve Jobs wasn’t pictured until page 14.

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  • lightstab

    Cool, Dan, but do you have a bigger picture? We can barely see you.

    I don’t know what it is about today. You have a cold and I have major back pains and could barely get out of bed this morning. Someone doesn’t want us to go to (or read about) MacWorld.

  • brett_x

    I had a very similar experience back at the WWDC 2005. A friend and I were checking email in-between sessions when a photographer came over and asked if we minded if he took a few pictures. He said he was taking them for next year’s promotional material. “Oh, for Apple? No problem…” We figured he’d take one or two shots and move on. No big deal.
    He proceeded to take about 50 snapshots from all angles. It had us wondering when it was going to stop… we were trying to look normal, but couldn’t help but laugh.
    When the promotional material came out, one shot was used repeatedly- from a CD size insert in the Monthly mailing, to the header of an email that went to every developer.

    With my friend, a sleek looking dark-skinned fellow, and me, a tall skinny white guy, the picture was infamously named by my girlfriend “Sleek and Geek”. I’ve posted for your enjoyment.


  • gus2000


    If it’s any consolation, everyone reading this understands completely that the best way to get your photo taken is to skip the shower, put on yesterdays clothes, and then stick your finger completely up your nose. It’s just that none of us got the front page! Congratulations?

  • PerGrenerfors

    Hope you enjoyed the keynote. Personally I’m thrilled about the Time Capsule. It’s just what I need without having lots of wires.

  • http://www.jon-wright.co.uk/oldarchives/ mrunderhill

    Yeah nice one.

    I thought todays Macworld was better than last years. I’m not really an iPhone person so i sort of felt left out last year. This year there was lots of variety and a cool Laptop to boot.

    AppleTV and movie rentals sounds a hoot. Roll on the UK launch. Oh and the $19.99 or £12.99 in UK money for the iPod Touch upgrade is well worth it. Mail , Webclips and now Google Maps…what a result!!

  • viking

    Would someone kindly confirm or deny the following for me:
    1.) “Time Capsule” can store your backups on external USB disk as well as internal “server grade” SATA disk?

    2.) “Time Capsule” is somehow different to the Airport Extreme when it comes to the processor or speed of it to facilitate this?

    I am one of the idiots that bought an Airport Extreme + disk in anticipation of leopard. At least an explanation of why it wasn’t possible to make it happen on AX in the end would have been nice, Apple! grrrrrrrrr

  • davidosus

    Daniel’s picture?


    Click on the paper with today’s date (January 15, 2008).

  • elppa

    @mrunderhill – Not just maps, but the locator to. A BBC Journalist used it and it pin-pointed his location at the Television Centre, so support for (at least some) parts of the UK is already implemented.

    I think the charge might be a legal thing (becuase they are adding features to an exisiting product). The same happened with the wireless N patch for MacBooks.

    The iPhone is of course paid for over the duration of the contract – hence the free update. None of this goes to explain why the TV software is free, or (outside of Apple) everyones least favourite music player from everyones least favourite monopoloist got a free update either.

    This was a good MacWorld. News of  TV was good, Apple is in it for the long haul. Once we get Movie Rentals in the UK it’s pratically sold. If  can work with the BBC to do an iPlayer client for TV (even just streaming) then it the deal is done.

    If I was in the market for a laptop then MacBook Air would be a very serious consideration. They’ve got the priorities right for portable computing.

  • http://web.mac.com/lowededwookie lowededwookie

    Umm, didn’t this happen to you last year as well?

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    A Mac magazine posted my picture at the iPhone launch in June, after I spent a couple days on the sidewalk and looked like a bridge troll.

  • http://www.inklinginc.com Mikescherer

    Uh-oh, looks like local warming…


  • http://homepage.mac.com/johnnyapple johnnyapple

    Dan, I think I recall the picture from June. You looked fine if a but scruffy. Not sure how you smelled though?? I’ll have to ask Sebastian. Didn’t he stop by with some breakfast bars?

  • http://www.marketingtactics.com davebarnes
  • avocade

    Intersting to note that the five new apps for the touch puts the price per app at around $3.99 each. Conspicuously close to the amount many of us believe will be the standard prize for 3d party (and Apple) apps sold from the iTunes Store by February or March.

  • http://web.mac.com/lowededwookie lowededwookie

    Dan, I kind of meant getting really crook before Macworld. :-)

  • elppa

    Looks like my wish may come true:


    Come on , make it happen. They would shift a lot of boxes in the UK if we had the entire BBC archive from the previous week.