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Road to Mac Office 2008: Entourage ’08 vs Mail 3.0 and iCal 3.0


One of the most anticipated applications in Office 2008 is the new Entourage. While some users can use alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, most of the users of Entourage are required to use it to access an Exchange Server for their mail and calendar. The reason for that has a lot to do with Exchange itself. Here’s a look at the new Entourage in comparison to using Apple’s built-in Mail, Address Book, and iCal.

AppleInsider | Road to Mac Office 2008: Entourage ’08 vs Mail 3.0 and iCal 3.0

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  • Jesse

    I just don’t get the concept behind making to-do lists part of Mail. I’m willing to try it, but as a paradigm it makes no sense to me. Mail is where I go to communicate with others, and iCal is where I go to organize my activities. Apple seems to have very intentionally worked to set up a paradigm where all its PIM apps are separate from each other Bringing an activity-management feature into Mail just blows that paradigm apart. It seems unfortunately kludgy, as if it would’ve taken too much restructuring to make it work the way they wanted in iCal, so they just tacked it onto Mail. Apple works hard to make things intuitive, but this leaves me going, “Huh?”

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