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Road to Mac Office 2008: Excel ’08 vs Numbers 1.0


The planned mid-January release of Office 2008 offers a significant overhaul of the productivity suite’s look and features. The previous segment described new features in Word 2008, with some comparisons to Apple’s Pages 08. This article examines what’s new in Excel 2008 and contrasts Microsoft’s oldest application to Apple’s newest: the Numbers 08 spreadsheet included with iWork.

AppleInsider | Road to Mac Office 2008: Excel ’08 vs Numbers 1.0

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  • http://web.mac.com/lowededwookie lowededwookie

    Considering M$ is killing off VB macros in Office 2008 would this mean that for many people Numbers would be just as good as Excel?

    I mean the macro factor of Excel was something that was required to remain compatible with other Excel files from Windows so without that feature it seems Excel is just an expensive option now.

    Personally iWork is perfect for my needs and the cost of Office which doesn’t really offer my needs anything extra means M$ will never grace my Mac again, except of course for a couple of Windows apps that I need (IE7 unfortunately being one of them).

  • josephine

    Number is a poor, third rate cousin to Excel for Windows. Excel for Mac should have been stillborn, because if the lack of VBA support. The lack of a powerful spreadsheet application alone is enough to keep me tethered to the MSFT ball and chain for this upgrade cycle, which is probably how Microsoft likes it. There is no substitute for Excel; therefore, there is no substitute for Windows.