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Troy Wolverton Digs Up Rob Enderle In Desperate Apple Attack

Daniel Eran Dilger
Seething Apple critic Troy Wolverton sifted through the company’s latest stellar earnings reports in a desperately transparent bid to find something bad to say about the company. He ended up complaining that “iPod sales grew just 8.2 percent last fiscal year to $8.31 billion.” Yes, what’s a half billion dollar revenue increase, 31% unit growth, and industry leadership in a market that wags like Wolverton tried to concede to giant Microsoft, which is losing billions?

The Bottomless Depths of Wolverton’s Shamelessness.
Wolverton even dug up industry joke Rob Enderle, who commented that the iPhone “signaled the potential end for the stand-alone iPod.” Earlier in the year, Enderle said that 2007 “will be a difficult year for Apple, and the iPhone could be more of a drag on earnings than a help.”

Clearly, Enderle’s one-man consulting corporation has his finger on the pulse of reality and deserves frequent attention by serious journalists such as Wolverton. Either that, or Enderle is just a broken record of doom that Wolverton must pull from the archives in order to have more noise to inject in his shrill broadcast of non-stop, uninformed panic mongering.

Wolvertons’ story can’t be that Apple has jumped into third place among all PC makers in the US, or that it now has a huge share of the US retail market for both PC laptops and consumer electronics products from flash to hard drive music players and mobile phones, but that “iPod sales have started to look a bit anemic.” Anemic? Compared to what, the Zune? The entire gamut of PlaysForSure devices? Sony’s fallen Walkman brand? What other music player brand are consumers happy to throw another new half billion dollars at?

“Anemic” refers to a sickly and weak appearance from a lack of healthy blood flow. Using this to describe iPod sales is the most absurdly disingenuous and fraudulent thing Wolverton has ever written about Apple, and that’s saying a lot. Wolverton has carved out a reputation for absurdly negative spin on everything related to Apple for years, but calling the iPod anemic is even outside of his typical arm-flailing, knee jerking, fact contorting spams.

Like other anti-Apple flacks, Wolverton has long complained that Apple was making too much of its money from sales of the iPod, a circumstance which has been fashionable to interpret as an impending doom for the Mac platform. Now that Apple’s Mac sales are hitting new sales records of their own, the obvious response is to complain about doom for the iPod. According to Wolverton, “the best of times for the iPod may be past.”

Wolverton’s Weaselly Writing.
Considering that the iPhone itself is an iPod, this bit of schadenfreudewunsch (yes I just coined that word) posing as feigned nostalgia is as hard to swallow as everything else Wolverton has written about Apple over his career, spanning from his attack pieces generated for the Street to his new position as a so-called journalist for the San Jose Mercury News, where he outputs a bottomless pile of false information as news stories and fails to correct major errors until long after they’ve fallen out of print.

What’s Wolverton’s motivation? That’s hard to say. He refused to answer my previous criticisms related to his attacks upon the iPhone, even after initially promising to explain why he’d printed a veritable blizzard of misleading coverage full of inaccuracies in the weeks leading up to and immediately following the iPhone’s release. In the face of facts, Wolverton turned tail and ran.

In private emails to readers, Wolverton cowardly attacked me using personal smears instead of actually addressing the facts I presented. Why is Wolverton such an enemy of the truth about Apple? Perhaps he needs a Zoon Award for his efforts. Blam: Troy Wolverton gets a Zoon.

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  • lightstab

    Another good article, Dan. These guys could spin silk into polyester. I haven’t read anything by this Wolverton dude, but have seen other pundits repeatedly make the same error. Everyone refuse to see that the reason iPod sales were down was because people were buying the iPhone. It’s the next logical step in your choices if you’re looking to upgrade to a new iPod.

    Now we want your opinion on this new Android Google scheme.

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    I hit the Android situation pretty accurately two weeks in advance (!): The Great Google gPhone Myth.

  • lightstab

    Yes, but you wrote that article when the Google phone was still speculation (you might also have noticed that I commented about that article, which I thought was very good). Now that you’ve seen what Google is peddling, what do you think?

    I for one don’t see the upside for consumers. Essentially Google is giving away this software for free, in exchange for a money model supported by an ad-driven phone system. The carriers are still free to close their systems once they get everything up and running. So, what do you think about that scheme? Is there any precedent in the history of the cell phone or computer market that indicates this might work?

  • http://homepage.mac.com/johnnyapple johnnyapple

    I’ve said it before but will again simply because it’s fitting. According to estimates from Gartner, in the 3rd calendar quarter of 2007 Y/Y Mac sales were up 37% while non Apple PC sales grew by an “anemic” 2.6%. That’s over 14x the growth rate! I do understand the word don’t I? The other point I LOVE to make is that the “anemic” PC market is happening after Vista went on sale and before Leopard was available. That has GOT TO BE painful for Redmond and the shills to watch.

    I’ll bet Apple could care less if 1 million iPhone sales means 1 million fewer iPod sales (it doesn’t). Has Wolverton ever seen a calculator or a spreadsheet? It doesn’t take a genius.

    Let me try to use this word but this time by making up a fake opening sentence from our buddy Scott Moritz.

    iPhone opening partial weekend sales were an anemic 270,000 when my sources said it would be a million.

    That’s not exactly what he said but it’s a good summary.

    One more thing… This quarter I expect the average daily sell through for iPod to be over 270,000 per day, every day, all quarter. I better go look up that word again because that doesn’t sound anemic to me.

    Please send your donations to Daniel so he can afford to develop the Zoon into a large blunt object that can be presenting in person ;-)

  • slayerjr

    Thats what I also reckon. The Zoon must become a real object, crafted to represent everything that is reprehensible about the recipient.

    I vote it has many sharp corners.

  • Silver_Surfer1931

    The one thing I noticed about your articles is that your prognosticating abilities is very accurate! I just re-read your article on “The Great Google gPhone Myth.” Damn…you are damn good. How do you do that? Maybe, you need to do an article on prognostication…you know, so that the other so called journalist can learn something.

  • rhall112003

    You were absolutely right about Google’s intentions, Dan… the entire ‘Android’ OS is being touted as an open alternative to the status-quo (WindozeMobile). Interestingly enough, some of MS’s key WinMobile partners on on-board with the Open Handset Alliance, including Sprint and HTC. Of course Verizon isn’t anywhere to be seen, and neither is Palm.

    Palm hasn’t released anything actually ‘new’ in years, instead they just keep repackaging the same ole’ thing (it’s almost like getting yet another Chicago greatest hits album). We got some new WinMob 6 phones in the office – they’re awful.

  • lmasanti

    “Interestingly enough, some of MS’s key WinMobile partners on on-board with the Open Handset Alliance, including Sprint and HTC. ”

    That does not mean anyting (good).
    They are “parasites”…

    parasite |ˈparəˌsīt|
    • an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense.
    • derogatory a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

  • gus2000

    Ummm, “schadenfreudewunsch “? I’m impressed you’re now coining your own words in foreign languages, but that’s a hell of a mouthful to pronounce. How about:

    Schadenwich – “Finding joy in eating someone’s lunch”
    Schademy – “Finding joy in sticking it to someone”
    Schadenzoon – “Pretending to find joy”

    Any others?

  • rhall112003


    I wasn’t trying to imply that it did – I am just curious as to how this whole deal will play out with MS’s mobile marketshare as these carriers and hardware makers start to support a different platform.

    Sprint absolutely is a parasite.

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