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WYE, WYG: Taking Out the Trash Talkers.

What You Expected:

Wyewyg Analysts.001

Daniel Eran Dilger
What You Expected, What You Got: Taking Out the Trash Talkers.

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.002

What You Expected:

Wyewyg Analysts.003

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.004

What You Expected:

Wyewyg Analysts.005

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.006

What You Expected:

Wyewyg Analysts.007

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.008

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Wyewyg Analysts.009

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.010

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Wyewyg Analysts.011

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.012

What You Expected:

Wyewyg Analysts.013

What You Got:

Wyewyg Analysts.014

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Wyewyg Analysts.015

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Wyewyg Analysts.016

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Wyewyg Analysts.017

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Wyewyg Analysts.018

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Wyewyg Analysts.030

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  • sebastianlewis

    Haha… I loved the last couple of images.


  • fellaintga

    To be fair Dvorak uses Mac and recommends them to people who asks even business owners. Love RDM can’t wait for the security myth.

  • John Muir

    I’ve a friend here in the UK who’s buying a Zune from some reseller in America, determined to remain “iPod free” … so the trash masters do at least have their handful of victims. Worst of all he’s interested in using it with Linux instead of Vista which has failed even him twice too many just lately. Wonder how many months til his super rare export Zune is in the trash?

  • Jay

    Daniel, just wanted to take a second to let you know that you’re good writing is very much appreciated. Your noble mission to stop the FUD against all things Apple (by all the usual suspects) is always spot on.

    Between your well-researched writings and the humorous sarcasm of MacDailyNews, our community is well-represented in the blogosphere. Good stuff.

    Keep on keeping on.

  • Lucky

    Great post and great blog! I subscribed a few days ago and I’ve been reading it ever since. Great!

    Can’t wait to read all the “ten myths of Leopard”

  • lmasanti

    Nice shots, Dan.
    As usual (I know you hate un-permanent urls)… can you include urls/dates (maybe at the borrom of the pics). I would love to read Dvorak’s metitatopn misguidance!

  • elppa

    A Zune on Linux hey?

    Wish your friend the best of luck from me.

    I only “got” some of these.

  • UrbanBard

    Good job, Daniel. A tad long, but they talked a bunch of trash, didn’t they? It’s good to be reminded.

    Ps. I like it better when you stick to something you know about– technology.

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  • njivy

    Three of the scenarios exhibit the same fallacy. The pundits assumed a corporate strategy that emphasizes products rather than core competencies. I’m referring to “2004 John Dvorak”, “2006 Palm CEO Ed Colligan”, and “Greg Winn & Matthew Lynn” above.

    For example, several pundits said Apple would not succeed with the iPhone because it was too different from a PC. They failed to see that the same core competencies lead to success in both markets, despite the difference in the end products.

    I see three core competencies for Apple:
    1. Industrial design
    2. Interaction design
    3. Software engineering

  • mofunkee

    Gawd, that was fun. Thanks, again for doing this stuff.

  • jfatz

    “Worst of all he’s interested in using it with Linux instead of Vista which has failed even him twice too many just lately.”

    Sounds like an odd choice to go with, then. Isn’t the Zune way more locked down than the iPod in regards to Linux? Wouldn’t he be better off with an iRiver of some sort? (Or is he just paranoid about that “iMeme?” ;-) ) Isn’t he falling into the same trap he’s trying to avoid from the iPod with the Zune?

  • http://homepage.mac.com/johnnyapple johnnyapple

    Another round of clever and entertaining Sunday morning comics. Not a single tree had to die! Thanks Dan, funny stuff again.

    After reading about Apples pending doom in the years leading up to Vista (the final nail in Apples coffin??) it’s piles of fun to watch each quarter pass by since Vista went on sale. The truth reveals itself slowly. The “WOW” is that Windows PC sales growth continues to slow and Vista had no positive impact. In the personal computer industry 2007 was clearly “the Year of the Mac”

    Some of the folks above will try to pin the Macs current success on Vista’s failure without giving any credit to Apple. Paul Thurrott’s OS X review is laying the foundation for that myth already. So now, Apple’s next doomsday is Vista SP1 – right?

    For my part, I’ll be keeping an unblinking eye on Scott Moritz ;-)

  • PerGrenerfors

    Look, this is getting old. RDM caught my attention for its superbly researched articles, not this.

    Also, the big ass red font for the comment box hurts my eyes.

    How about that OpenGL vs. DirectX article with a look at the graphics industry and the history of computer games?

  • http://benjamin-newton.com/ bhuot

    I really enjoy your articles. They are very well researched and you bring out the truth in a profession few people seem to mind lying in. I enjoy your new site design. Keep up the great work. I don’t know how you can keep up at this rate. Keep it up as long as you give yourself time to rest.

  • desertfox

    yeah, I agree with PerGrenerfors. This post made little sense and the red comment font in the comment box is just annoying. Here’s to hoping we see some more of the content that brought me here originally, not this fluff.