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¡Preparados para Leopard!

Preparados para Leopard

The “300 new features” of Leopard immediately brought to mind a certain movie, but Alf of the Spanish Mac site www.faq-mac.com put together graphics that were even better than I had in mind. Above is Steve Jobs as “300” King Leonidas. Alf also portrayed a certain other executive playing the role of the Persian Über Immortal. Visit:

¿Preparados para Leopard? | www.faq-mac.com

  • John Muir

    I’d rate Apple’s chances at survival a little better than the old Spartans. Besides … I’ve always thought of them more as Athenian.

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  • gus2000

    What I can say except…”Lima Oscar Lima”

  • PerGrenerfors

    So that’s how Steve Jobs looks without his trademark turtleneck sweater. He must be doing a thousand sit-ups a day or so.

  • http://ghscommunications.com potterhead4

    Notice that Lyons hasn’t touched the Leopard release on FSJ…I know it fits in with his SCO agenda somehow, but I’d like to hear why…