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AppleInsider Bluetooth Keyboard Review + Road to Leopard

  • sebastianlewis

    Too bad AppleInsider had to take out the best parts of the Dictionary 2.0 article, but I’m really glad they are adding *censored so Apple doesn’t sue me* since I always want to learn the language.

    I’m also curious about how the new *censored so Apple doesn’t sue me* feature will work, but my biggest gripe with it is that I’d rather have a different *censored so as not to give away what I censored before so Apple doesn’t sue me*.

    Oh well, now they just need to add UNIX Man Pages since I don’t like reading those in the Terminal and Man Open.app isn’t really any better.


  • Curmudgeon Geographer

    Have you considered responding in some way to the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the comments over in your review? Many are upset that you gave it a 5 out of 5 when there is no keypad.

    Myself, the only keys to the right of the return key on the standard hair and dust terrarium keyboard of Apple’s are the arrows, page up and page down, volume, mute, eject, and delete. I see the new wireless keyboard moves the arrows under the shift and co-locates the volume and eject keys with F keys. Did the delete (the one under the help key), the page up, and page down keys get remapped somewhere on the new keyboard?

    If they have, I have no reason not to get the wireless now and I certainly will.

  • KathyLee

    Hey! finally figured out I had to re-register… I thought it was annoying that the articles had to be censored. I was reading them when they were first published and was getting excited about the new release of Leopard. I really don’t see the harm in letting people get a sneak-peek a few weeks ahead of time. sheesh.

    BTW, if you click on the comments, at least the text of the article is still readable ;-)

  • Martin

    And what’s your opinion on red shift, black holes, anti-matter and neutrino belts ?

  • sebastianlewis

    Well it looks like I don’t have to censor myself anymore… so here’s what I censored:

    Japanese Language Support/Japanese-English Dictionary
    Encyclopedia like Citizendium (even if it is Beta) or Brittanica

    In that order.


    Red Shift: Can’t remember what that is although we covered it last year in science.

    Black Holes: Big, scary, and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about being sucked up into one.

    Anti-Matter: I’ve always wanted to see first hand what would happen if Anti-Matter touched Matter… the best description I could get in the 8th grade is that it’s some sort of explosion (even though Scientists never actually witnessed it).

    Neutrino belts: Never heard of them in any of my science classes.


  • http://www.leigh.edu/sol0 pabugeater

    With regards to Time Machine:

    I know it will use an external volume for its backups, but can it also use an internal volume? e.g. can I add additional discs to a Mac Pro and create another volume for Time Macine activity?

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    Time Machine doesn’t care where the drive is.

    About the Keyboard: I noticed all the comments about the keypad, but i couldn’t leave my own comment because I couldn’t login to the AI forums with my account (haha).

    Of course, the point of a review is to highlight features and potential drawbacks to a product to inform users considering a purchase. It is quite obvious that the BT keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, and nobody who needs one is going to be surprised that its missing after their purchase. Apple’s keyboards also lack a built in mouse/trackball, so if you need that, you wouldn’t consider them. This doesn’t seem important to point out, so I didn’t.

    I think a lot of reviewers think that reviews are more about them than the product, and try to rattle off a long critique of what they would have done, rather than talk about the actual product and how it works. Would you want a movie review to be all about how the reviewer would prefer different plot twists of their own making?

  • gus2000

    That depends on the movie, Dan.

    I’m disappointed that the control-key glyphs are missing, since Apple puts them in the &#!@!?? menus. But props for finally putting the word “OPTION” on the key, since many reference sources were compiled without a “propeller symbol” font.

    I will miss some of the navigation keys (PgUp/PgDn etc.) too much, so it looks like I’ll be getting the wired keyboard instead.

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