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Forbes Prints Insanely Self Serving Attack on iTunes by MediaNet CEO Alan McGlade

Forbes Alan McGlade
Daniel Eran Dilger
Forbes, best known to many readers as the soapbox Daniel Lyons used to promote–perhaps unwittingly–a pro-Microsoft agenda backing SCO and vilifying Linux and open source, has taken another opportunity to present outrageously false information serving the interests of Microsoft: an impassioned outcry of rage over the success of iTunes.

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September 22, 2007   No Comments

BBC’s Bill Thompson Hates Being Fingered As a Fraud

BBC Bill Thompson
Daniel Eran Dilger
In response to the article “BBC Prints Irresponsible Rubbish on Apple,” Bill Thompson wrote me explaining that he didn’t like being called out on his errors. However, he failed to explain how he was accurate in his rambling diatribe assailing Apple as equal to Microsoft in anticompetitive, market monopolizing behavior.

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September 22, 2007   1 Comment