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New iPod Reviews: 3G iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch

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Daniel Eran Dilger
Can a 6.5mm thin device really deliver a usable Keynote presentation on a TV? Why doesn’t the iPod Touch offer a hard drive option? Is the Touch really an ‘iPhone without the phone’? Is the new iTunes WiFi Store usable? I did a series or reviews for AppleInsider ferreting out the details on Apple’s new iPod lineup to find out.

Apple’s new 3G iPod nano is a 5G video iPod in a nano-thin shell.
The new third generation Nano has the same small and ultra thin form factor as previous Nanos and similarly occupies the same sports-centric product position in the Apple’s iPod line. However, it adds full video iPod features on a screen smaller than the existing 5G video iPod. How well does it deliver?

A rundown of the new video playback, video presentation, and games features, and the new iPod software menus and software used in both the Nano and the Classic:

[3G iPod nano review]
[New iPod Nano No Fatty (photos)]

Why the iPod classic May Be the End of the Line for Hard Disk iPods.
Released alongside the all new third generation iPod Nano, the new iPod Classic offers a refined all-metal case, the same new graphical interface of the Nano, and the most battery and storage capacity of any iPod model (thanks to its hard drive and hefty battery). However, as outlined in this review, the Classic may signal the end of the road for hard disc drive-based iPods, as Apple aggressively moves its entire media player lineup to Flash memory storage.
What’s new in the standard iPod model, and why the Classic is the only iPod that still uses a hard drive. Also, why the uniquely OS X-based iPod touch and iPhone do not offer a hard drive option, and may be unlikely to ever do so:

[iPod classic review]

The Ultra-Thin Touch is a Great Media Player, but Not an ‘iPhone Without the Phone.’
The iPod Touch delivers an advanced new generation of the iPod using technology developed for the iPhone. However, it’s not an “iPhone without the phone,” and that reality is likely to upset lots of users who want it to be. For everyone else, the new Touch is an amazingly thin and sexy new media playing, web browsing, photo viewing, widescreen, multi-touch member of the iPod family that simply changes the game in handheld media players.

A photo tour of the Touch out of the box, with a comparison of how it differers from other iPods and from the iPhone. Includes a rundown of the software changes in the OS X version 1.1 that ships with the Touch, compared to the latest version 1.0.2 available for the iPhone:
iPod touch and iPhone
[iPod touch unpacking tour and first look photos]
[iPod touch Review]

The original iPhone Review.
While the iPhone is primarily marketed as a mobile phone, it’s also the latest generation of iPod, a handheld computer with a web browser, an organizer, a note taker and a camera. Are all of its features worth its $500-600 price, particularly in view of criticisms lodged against AT&T’s service and the missing features in the device itself?

A first in depth look at the iPhone’s features from July 2, 2007, which shares some–but certainly not all–of its tricks with the new iPod Touch:

[iPhone review]

I spent Sunday at the Treasure Island Music Festival, held on the Great Lawn of San Francisco’s little island with sweeping views of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and the city skyline. It’s like having a mini Coachella in our own backyard! The weather was great, the people were friendly, the event was well organized, and they even had a tent full of old arcade games.

That means I now have a sunburnt neck and some Joust fatigue, and a bit behind on Reverse Bingo for iPhone apps. New articles coming up tomorrow.

[Treasure Island Festival September 15/16, 2007]

Treasure Island Music FestivalTreasure Island Music Festival
Treasure Island Music FestivalTreasure Island Music Festival
Treasure Island Music Festival Rd Techq307 Entries 2007 9 17 New Ipod Reviews: 3G Ipod Nano, Ipod Classic, Ipod Touch Files Img 0833
Treasure Island Music FestivalTreasure Island Music Festival

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