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RoughlyDrafted Archives: April 2007

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Daniel Eran Dilger
Index page for articles from April 2007.

April 2007 (newer articles on top):

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Has Leopard Fallen into a Copland-Vista Conundrum?
Apple’s announcement that finishing the iPhone would come at the cost of a delayed release of Mac OS X Leopard set off a flurry of bizarre responses from Apple detractors always on the lookout for ways to bulldoze the company’s mountains into minor molehills.

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Write, Readers: Where is Mac OS X Leopard Headed?
Apple’s move to broaden its sphere of influence in consumer electronics is significant for Mac users in that it relates to the delay of Leopard. The major media outlets haven’t said much of interest on the subject. What do you think?

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Readers Write: IDG’s False Report on Mac Security
Apple’s move to broaden its sphere of influence in consumer electronics is significant for Mac users in that it relates to the delay of Leopard. The major media outlets haven’t said much of interest on the subject. What do you think?

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InfoWorld Publishes False Report on Mac Security
Nancy Gohring, writing for InfoWorld, delivered a misleading report yesterday on a Mac security exploit contest held at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, BC.

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Where Is Apple Headed with the Mac?
What does Apple’s delay of Leopard mean for the company and Mac users? While certain analysts have been falling all over themselves to associate a serious threat of calamity and doom with a delayed Leopard, they haven’t offered any basis for their outcry. Here’s what is so suspicious about their claims.

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Lost in the Transition: Movies in Home Theater
Back in the mid 90s, it appeared that both the studios’ panicked fears of home theater users and the brutal format wars were nearly under control. However, one other critical problem still had to be solved: The studios had worked so hard to differentiate movies from television and create an experience that could not be duplicated at home, that now–somewhat ironically–solutions needed to be engineered for the technical problems of presenting those movies designed exclusively for theaters on home theater equipment.

 Rd Rdm.Tech.Q2.07 Ba1B46C4-4014-44De-Acbb-61D49A926D00 Files Formatwars

Format Wars in Home Theater
After twenty years of struggling to contend with the emergence of television, movie studios began to realize that the only way to survive would be to adapt to changes in demand.

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Movie Studios vs. Consumers in Home Theater
After struggling for decades to increase the technical sophistication of movies in order to make theaters competitive with television, it would seem logical that the studios would eventually be quick to retarget their efforts to sell their movies directly to users as home theater began to emerge.

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Apple TV and the Origin of Home Theater
Here’s a historical overview of the origins of home theater, leading toward a comparison of how Apple TV stacks up against previous and current generations of consumer home theater products.

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RSS: How Apple Will Change TV in 2007
Last winter, a series of articles described how Apple would change TV by providing a new medium for different types of content: on demand commercial content, personal content, alternative content, interactive content, and original content.

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John Dvorak: How Wrong Can One Guy Be?
They say even a stopped watch is accurate twice a day, but John Dvorak is more like a clock that’s about five hours and twenty-some minutes late. You know everything he says is always wrong, and you can usually figure things out by discounting his typical error, but it’s irritating to have to deal with all that unnecessary nonsense.

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Microsoft Performs Illegal Operation, Shuts Down
Microsoft Corp. issued a surprise press release this morning announcing that the company had “performed an illegal operation and would be shut down.” Company executives refused to provide further information regarding the cause of the unexpected shutdown, only issuing a cryptic error number of $00038FF577 and advising all interested parties to “contact their system administrator.”

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